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See ISOC's comprehensive DNSSEC registrar site for How Tos and more information.A list of Top Level Domains (TLDs) that support DNSSEC are at the right starting with the TLD most recently deploying DNSSEC. Over the years, my children have educated me in the many ways that I am embarrassing, overbearing, and woefully ill-informed about things that truly matter. Only recently, though, have I learned that I am also polluted with a particularly aggressive and especially repugnant strain of cootie. It’s the only way to explain why my children — who spent the first years of their lives gleefully gnawing on my fingers — now recoil when I offer them a bite from my fork, insist on fresh straws when I proffer my milkshake, and wipe off their cheeks (oh, no, they di’nt! They don’t see the generosity in these gestures of mine; they see germs. Like I have a rare strain of parental Ebola that could seriously tweak their weekend plans. This means these TLDs are technically capable of supporting DNSSEC.

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This is to prevent "homograph" attacks and other security problems, as well as to resolve issues related to character variants within and between writing systems.We provide registration for the following IDN domains in the following; .academy; .accountants; .agency; .airforce; .apartments; .army; .art; .associates; .attorney; .auction; .auto; .baby, .band; .bargains; .best; .bike; .bingo; .build; .builders; .boutique; .business; .buzz; .camera; .cab; .cafe; .camp; .capital; .car; .cards; .care; .careers; .cars; .cash; .casino; .catering; .center; .ceo; .chat; .cheap; .church; .city; .claims; .cleaning; .clinic; .clothing; .coach; .codes; .coffee; .community; .company; .computer; .condos; .consulting; .construction; .contractors; .cool; .coupons; .credit; .creditcard; .cruises; .dance; .dating; .degree; .deals; .delivery; .democrat; .dental; .dentist; .diamonds; .digital; .direct; .directory; .discount; .dog; .domains; .earth; .education; .email; .energy; .engineer; .engineering; .enterprises; .equipment; .estate; .events; .exchange; .expert; .exposed; .express; .fail; .family; .farm; .finance; .financial; .fish; .fitness; .flights; .florist; .football; .forsale; .foundation; .furniture; .futbol; .fyi; .gallery; .gifts; .gives; .glass; .golf; .gold; .gratis; .graphics; .gripe; .guide; .guru; .haus; .healthcare; .hockey; .holdings; .holiday; .house; .immo; .immobilien; .industries; .institute; .insure; .international; .investments; .jewelry; .kaufen; .kitchen; .land; .lawyer; .lease; .legal; .life; .lighting; .limited; .limo; .live; .loans; .luxury; .management; .maison; .market; .marketing; .mba; .media; .memorial; .moda; .money; .mortgage; .movie; .nagoya; .navy; .network; .news; .ninja; .okinawa; .onl; .partners; .parts; .photography; .photos; .pictures; .pizza; .place; .plumbing; .plus; .productions; .properties; .pub; .recipes; .rehab; .reise; .reisen; .rentals; .repair; .report; .republican; .restaurant; .reviews; .rip; .rocks; .run; .ryukyu; .sale; .sarl; .school; .schule; .services; .shoes; .show; .singles; .solar; .solutions; .studio; .style; .supplies; .supply; .support; .surgery; .systems; .tax; .taxi; .team; .technology; .tennis; .theater; .tienda; .tips; .tires; .today; .tools; .tokyo; .tours; .town; .toys; .training; .university; .vacations; .ventures; .vet; .viajes; .video; .villas; .vin; .vision; .voyage; .watch; .works; .world; .wtf; Afrikaans Albanian Arabic Aragonese Armenian Assamese Asturia Bable Avestan Awadhi Azerbaijani Bashkir Balochi Balinese Basque Basa Belarusian Bengali Bhojpuri Bosnian Bulgarian Burmese Carib Catalan Valencian Chechen Chinese Chuvash Coptic Corsican Czech Danish Dhivehi Dogri Dutch Flemish English Estonian Faroese Fijian Finnish French Frisian Georgian German Gaelic Scottish Gaelic Irish Gondi Greek Modern Gujarati Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Icelandic Indic (Other)Indonesian Ingush Italian Javanese Japanese Kashmiri Kazakh Khmer Kirghiz Korean Kurdish Lao Latvian Lithuanian Luxembourgish Letzeburgesch Malayalam Macedonian Maltese Moldavian Maori Malay Nepali Norwegian Oriya Ossetian Punjabi Persian Polish Portuguese Pashto Rajasthani Romanian Russian Sanskrit Serbian Croatian Sinhalese Slovak Slovenian Samoan Sindhi Somali Spanish Castilian Sardinian Swahili Swedish Syriac Tamil Telugu Tajik Thai Tibetan Turkish Ukrainian Urdu Uzbek Vietnamese Welsh Yiddish We welcome your comments, questions, corrections and additional information relating to this article. 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And you should pay the additional shipping fees incurred and the items returned should be kept in their original status. abogado ac academy accountant accountants actor adult af agency amsterdam apartments archi art associates at attorney auction audi audio auto band bar bargains bayern be beer berlin best bet bid bike bingo bio biz black blackfriday blog blue boutique broker brussels bugatti build builders business buzz ca cab cafe cam camera camp capetown capital car cards care career careers cars casa casa cash casino catering cc center ceo cfd ch|li chat cheap christmas church city claims cleaning click clinic clothing cloud club co coach codes coffee college cologne com community company computer condos construction consulting contractors cooking cooking cool country country coupons courses credit creditcard cricket cruises cx cymru dance date dating deals degree delivery democrat dental dentist design diamonds diet digital direct directory discount doctor dog domains download 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The list does not constitute an endorsement of any particular registrar.

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