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The PRS team actually consists of a large group of members and investigators.

Ryan Buell structured the organization of PRS to encourage serious study and investigation of the phenomenon.

We’ve paid approximately ,000 for services that are not delivered. So, starting Wednesday we are doing Five Nights Of PRS’ Shipping (we’re still working on a better name).

Since the course was delayed, We have witnessed Ryan and Sergey book other events and cancel, refund no one, but we had nowhere to turn to report this fraud. Our goal is to send out all remaining packages by the fifth night.

Additionally, he says while he has no access to the ticket sales, he knows a lot were sold. and Canadian tours, Coffey says he doesn't understand why ticket holders aren't getting refunds."I've been accused of throwing Ryan under the bus.

Coffey said, "I know that the last accounting I had, with regards to ticket sales for the 'Conversations with the Dead Tour,' it was in excess of ,000."That doesn't even include the tickets that were sold for the seven shows in Canada that were all canceled. I didn't throw Ryan under the bus, Ryan stepped in front of the bus and I jumped out of the way.

The A&E series only offered the public a very small portion of what the PRS of Penn State does.

Ryan Buell founded PRS in 2001 when he was only 19. attempted to do when you understand Ryan Buell's background and his reasons for founding PRS.

The PRS states that its main mission is to "Scientifically and spiritually explore" the supernatural.

Any smart business person would have done the same thing," Coffey said.

While neither Buell nor his team has responded to our repeated requests for comment, on Buell's Facebook page, he posted that health issues canceled the tour and that Pay Pal is responsible for ticket refunds.

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