Google updating website

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One time, during an earthquake, I tested the indexing speed of our website with Google.

Seconds after the earthquake I posted a simple update featuring a snapshot of the seismic activity and the location.

), then I have good things to say about the new Google Sites.

This might be of special interest to people who are using Google Suite at their schools.

Our typical content outflow was over 100,000 words a month tied to new and unique articles.

So, it was with considerable trepidation that I switched to the new Google Sites this semester...

Here are the basics of how website content is crawled and indexed, plus some great ways to get the Googlebot to your website or blog to index your content sooner rather than later.

Before we get started on some good tips to attract the Googlebot to your site, let’s start with what the Googlebot is, plus the difference between indexing and crawling.

Here's the company's statement sent to Ars Technica:"Confirming that later this year, we hope to roll some version of the feed experience to on the mobile web.

However, the design and functionality are still completely unconfirmed as this is still in testing phases.

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