Hpv gay dating

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A revision of whether teenage boys should be offered the jab will be conducted by the committee in 2015.

The UK is to trial offering the HPV vaccine to gay and bisexual men, but campaigners are calling for the vaccine to be given to all boys, as is done in the US and Australia.

Syphilis infection can place a person at increased risk for HIV infection, or increase an HIV-infected person’s viral load.

Given the high prevalence of HIV in the gay community, increasing syphilis infections among men who have sex with men are particularly troubling.

The vaccine covers HPV 16 and 18, the two strains of the virus which cause most of the cancers associated with the infection.

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In draft recommendations it stated: “JCVI did not recommend vaccinating boys at this time as it was considered unlikely to be cost-effective.

In the light of this evidence, and in the absence of universal vaccination of boys, the argument for introducing targeted HPV vaccination for [men who have sex with men] up to age 26 years is strong,' they concluded.

The HPV vaccine should be extended to gay men, according to a medical advisory committee.

Testing: There are several different kinds of HIV tests.

It is important to understand the type of test you are taking, and what the results are telling you. Click here for answers to frequently asked questions about HIV testing.

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