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Internet flirting is breaking up marriages even though "chat room cheats" may never meet, a new report reveals.

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Beatriz Mileham, from the University of Gainesville in Florida, who carried out the new study, said: "The Internet will soon become the most common form of infidelity, if it isn't already."With 649 million Internet users worldwide, chat rooms were a fatal attraction for many married people seeking sexual thrills and romantic adventure. Barlow appeals, asserting that (1) there was insufficient evidence that he took a substantial step toward enticing or persuading a minor to engage in sexual activity, (2) the government failed to lay a proper foundation for the Yahoo! Here, the underlying offense is the violation of § 2422(b). Jimenez Lopez, 873 F.2d 769, 772 (5th Cir.1989))); United States v. Tank, 200 F.3d 627, 630–31 (9th Cir.2000) (testimony of another chat room user that he recorded the chats and printed them out, and that the printouts appeared to accurately represent the chats, was sufficient to establish prima facie showing of authenticity); United States v. Agents found Barlow's laptop in his car and on it some remnants of the chats he had had with Rebecca. Proceedings Barlow was charged with (1) attempting to violate 18 U. The jury convicted him on both counts; he was sentenced to 188 months in prison. Sufficiency of the Evidence To prove attempt, the government must demonstrate that the defendant (1) acted with the culpability required to commit the underlying substantive offense, and (2) took a substantial step toward its commission. In re Mc Lain, 516 F.3d 301, 308 (5th Cir.2008) (authentication “merely requires some evidence” in support (quoting United States v. See, e.g., Gagliardi, 506 F.3d at 151; see also United States v. Barlow asserts that because he left the park before Rebecca was to arrive, he never took a substantial step toward completing the attempt. Should there be any doubt, we have held that transmitting photographs via the Internet is “tantamount to moving photographs across state lines and thus constitutes transportation in interstate commerce.” United States v. § 2251, which contains a more involved interstate transmission requirement than either statute under consideration here) (internal quotation marks and citation omitted). chat log prior to its admission into evidence, and (3) the government failed to prove that his acts had an interstate nexus. STANDARD OF REVIEW Barlow styles his first claim, insufficiency of the evidence, as an appeal from the denial of his motion at trial under Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 29. Thus the government had to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Barlow intended to “persuade[ ], induce[ ], entice[ ], or coerce[ ]” a person whom he believed to be a minor into illegal sexual contact and took a substantial step toward that persuasion or enticement. Gagliardi, 506 F.3d 140, 151 (2d Cir.2007) (“The bar for authentication of evidence is not particularly high.”); Jimenez Lopez, 873 F.2d at 772 (“This Court does not require conclusive proof of authenticity before allowing the admission of disputed evidence.”).15. Simpson, 152 F.3d 1241, 1249–50 (10th Cir.1998) (combination of identifying information given by user in the chat and corroborating evidence found in defendant's home near his computer sufficient to authenticate chat log).18.

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