Sex in private

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In yet another tale of past sexual abuse of children at pricey Northeast private schools, a former student at Connecticut’s Kent School is alleging that administrators failed to protect her from a predatory teacher in the late 1980s.

The former student contends in her suit that she was a 15-year-old sophomore back in 1987, when she was seduced and repeatedly abused on school property by a married French teacher who was around 50 years old.

He has been sentenced to two years in jail, with eight months of the sentence suspended.

He must serve eight months before he is eligible for parole, and could be out early next year.

Justice Blow said it had been an "escalating sexual relationship" involving "serious breaches of trust".

The court heard Bartsch had been living in Adelaide since 1999, had reconciled with his wife, converted to Christianity and was working as a school principal.

He resigned from his position when he was charged."He accepted his conduct had clear longstanding impacts on her," Justice Blow said, adding the former teacher was aware he would never teach again.

Stettler says school officials learned of the allegations in December and alerted law enforcement.

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— Officials at a prestigious private school for boys in Massachusetts say an administrator has been placed on leave amid an investigation into an allegation of sexual misconduct against him that dates to the 1990s.

The allegations made by a former student at the Fessenden School in Newton against Kenneth Howe, the school’s residential life director, were disclosed by Headmaster David Stettler in a letter to the school community obtained by .

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