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The trails are based on actual trails of historic and cultural significance.

You and your Patrol will travel, figuratively, on all of the trails on a regular basis.

Your Jungle Map includes a number of places that you can visit to have different kinds of adventures.

Each year, your Pack starts its Jungle Journey at Council Rock.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Even if SPOT cannot acquire its location from the GPS network it will still attempt to send a HELP message – without the GPS location – to your personal contacts.

Check-in / OK: This feature allows you to let your friends and family know that all is OK with a pre-programmed message along with your GPS location.

Your Lair brainstorms what adventures you would like to have at each location on the map.

After Council Rock activities, you get together with a smaller team of Cubs called a Lair.

It's how you can be sure that you're createing a program that has plenty of varienty. Track which Program Areas you have explored and which ones you need to discover.

Your map will help you given your adventures the variety you need to succeed in Scouting. As Beaver, you can start to build the Outdoor Adventures Skills that you'll continue to develop as you undertake your Scouting journey.

The SPOT Personal Tracker raised the safety factor for millions who took to the outdoors each year.

SPOT notifies friends, family or an international rescue coordination center with your GPS location and status based on situation and need – all with the push of a button.

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