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As digital technology becomes more and more of a fixture in Americans’ daily lives, it has infiltrated all sorts of domains, including how people meet, communicate with their romantic partners and manage their lives together.In an earlier report, Online Dating and Relationships, the Pew Research Center detailed the meeting part of the equation, looking at how adults use technology to find, date and interact with potential romantic partners.

Cristen and Caroline trace the fascinating history of people using technology to find love, romance in the mobile dating app era and whether Tinder and Grindr are threatening monogamy.

by Cristen Conger | Feb 15, 2016 Cuddling permeates many of our closest relationships, whether platonic or romantic - but why?

Cristen and Caroline investigate the nature and nurture of cuddling, why some people are now paying for a good snuggle and who wins the spooning battle of the sexes.

by Cristen Conger | Apr 15, 2013 This post begs a hackneyed intro, so here it is: Are you a heterosexual woman who wishes she could read reviews of prospective boyfriends to find out whether he's a stud or a dud?

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