Updating an old mac

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It’s no secret that Apple hardware lasts a long time.

Eventually, however, the time comes when your Mac may outlast its usefulness, becoming obsolete.

Smaller systems like those found in the Macbook and Macbook Air include smaller (and sometimes custom) parts that are harder to work with.

This article will detail how you can save a few bucks by buying a used, slightly older Mac, and upgrade some parts to get it up to speed with the current generations.

Eventually, your Mac won’t be able to keep up with those demands.

In the short-term, you can slide back to an earlier software version to help with performance.

You can back up your main drive’s important files to an external drive and delete the files from the main drive to free up some space.

In recent history, Apple has only patched operating system vulnerabilities for the current and two previous versions of OS X.

It’s generally pretty obvious when it’s time to replace your computer, but just in case you’re unsure here four signs that it might be time for a trip to the Apple Store.

We say: Software applications tend to get bigger and more demanding with time.

For one, you can free up space on your hard drive by removing unwanted files.

There are plenty of ways to do this Users & Groups, and then by clicking on your username.

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