Updating firmware dap1360 Chat webcam free arabs

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I unplugged it and I haven't seen the problem since, so it has to be the extender causing the issue.It not only causes a problem with my laptop upstairs, but any computer on the network.

I have a dap 1360 and made a upgrade to version 2.11. One for in-house use and the other was used with extended antennae to receive wifi in a steel building away from the house.Both worked well although setting them up as clients is a little more difficult than using as access work reliably and well, though and I will probably use more in the future.A WPS button allows for easy wireless security configuration. I had a hard time getting into the admin panel to set things up. Connect it directly to your computer's ethernet port. I'm still getting intermittent dropped signals from this device though.From there assign a static IP on the ethernet port for the DAP 1360. I have it set as a repeater to extend the range of my original wireless router. This device can be use for Access Point, Repeater and Wireless Router. super device can connect to all wifi devices i use for a long distance Note: while configuring just unplug the lan cable from wifi router and connect it to this device and follow the instruction d'ont need to enter with http or ip ,if you want to set wifi protection wep ect.

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