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If you just hire someone to copy that into a Word Press theme and maybe do some optimizations as they do that.So, it could be a very simple job on Upwork or some other rental site, where you just go in and say “Hey I want you to change this theme to a Word Press theme and then input my content in it.” That could be a very simple job for someone and might save you an awful lot of time.Whenever you visit the Akeeba Solo / Akeeba Backup's main page, it will automatically check for the existence of an updated version and it will notify you.Clicking on the notification icon allows you to perform a direct update without further interaction. It’s still out there, but you didn’t make any changes or updates ever since.So, your site probably needs a major – SEO – update.The supported 3rd Party Word Press add-ons includes Woo Commerce, Markevt Press, WPML, q Translate X, Next GEN Gallery, ACF, Custom Press and much more.Word Press Ultimate CSV Importer supports both Market Press Pro & Market Press Lite versions.

so, what i am finding in my debugger is that the console POST data is the 'dname' submitted in the form input.Since the launch of WP Ultimate CSV Importer in 2012, we’ve been constantly working to automate Word Press Import and Update.We’ve added support for most of the common Word Press add-ons and also based on our customer’s requirement.Through advanced features like update, schedule, drag & drop mapping, duplicate handling, export and much more included.Word Press Ultimate CSV Importer supports 3rd party custom field add-ons such as ACF, Pods, Types, Custom Press, CCTM and Word Press custom fields.

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