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If somebody had told me that a photo of mine would be on the cover of a BA magazine that sells around the world, my name on the cover as if everybody is supposed to know me, I’d never have believed it.” What a turnaround for the youth who was taunted on the streets of his native Lima by boys chanting “faggot”.

“I was a dandy in a country where everyone wore the same drab, uniform clothes.

In South America in those days we didn’t have access to the cinema, to magazines; it was cut off.” The young Testino decided not to follow his father into business, as his parents had wished.

“When I told them I was thinking of becoming a photographer they were shocked: it was not what they called a serious career.” But he stood his ground, took up a camera, then moved here to ply his new trade, and attend “very wild parties”. “We love working with him,” Stefano Gabbana agrees.

“Like being in love with somebody for years who kept you at bay but then suddenly one day tells you, 'I love you too.’” It is a love affair that began when he arrived in London in the late Seventies.It's just parting with that amount that cash that hurts the most!If you're not willing to splash out, then take a peek at the style edit below which includes our top picks from Topshop, Nasty Gal, Michael by Michael Kors and more.Split into two exhibitions, "In Your Face" consists of 122 photographs chosen specifically to showcase the "boldness" in Testino's work, while "British Royal Portraits" features 16 of Testino's favorite images of the Royal Family taken over the years."In Your Face" is unique in that the photos are not organized in any particular manner - candids in one section, portraits in another, for example - but rather they are all mixed together to give the viewer a sense of Testino's jet-set career.

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